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Let’s get right to the point, you came here because you need roofing services. So why choose Alliance Contractors? Well, we know how to do a roof right.  We are a local Utah company that started out of a need for quality roofing. We specialize in working with your homeowner’s insurance to get the replacement and repair done, and we take care of all the insurance paperwork for you! It is not as hard as you may think to get your new roof done right.

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Products & Services

Alliance Contractors

3 Tab Shingles

This is a standard shingle you will find on many homes. Comes in many colors and last years. Probably the most common roof type you will see.

Alliance Contractors

Architectural Shingle

This type of asphalt shingle has a beautiful detail aspect, colors and greater wind resistance because of the thicker of the materials.

Alliance Contractors

Roll Roofing

Often used for flat and low slant roofing situations, New rolled roofing membranes come in adhesive and melt down options to make water tight installations.

Complete Re-Roof

Damaged and curling shingles? Water leaks? Sounds like time for new roof. We can help you pick the right roof for your needs.


Using materials like ice shield and urethane sealants, traditional flashing and underlayments, you can now have a more water resistant roof than ever.

Partial-Roof Repair

Need only half your roof replaced? Tree brach damage your roof? Alliance Contractors can repair and replace damaged sections of a roof.